I leave my air conditioning up to the professionals

So my neighbor is outside running around with a head lamp on the other night.

I see this from the window and wonder what the heck is going on.

I noted that the lights were on in his house so it wasn’t a power outage. This is a guy I’m fairly fond of so I decided to put my shoes on, leave the quality heating and air of my house and see if I could help. My neighbor was attempting to fix his air conditioning. Now there is a lot wrong with that picture actually. For one, he has no clue when it comes to any sort of HVAC repair. But the fact that he is a bit handy around the house has imbued him with a false confidence that he can work on HVAC equipment. That’s just not the case. And I’ve seen this before. I’ve watched other friends think they could simply recharge the air conditioning on their own. One buddy went to the hardware store and bought and HVAC recharge kit. He had watched a few online videos so he was just sure that he could do it. The problem was that the air conditioning didn’t need an HVAC recharge kit. That wasn’t the problem with the HVAC equipment. Subsequently, he over filled the refrigerant which resulted in rupturing and ruining vital HVAC components. That little adventure ended up costing him a grand. So when I got to my neighbor and he told me what he was doing. I told him that I could help him by dialing the HVAC company because he was getting ready to make a small problem much worse.

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