A better office

I was so ecstatic to find out that the office that I work in went plus did something entirely nice to improve the indoor comfort in there.

They went plus bought a commercial zoned HVAC system.

What is that you may ask? Well, it is the commercial heat plus air conditioner version of Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control. It allows the same exact benefits as the residential HVAC system zone control however it is meant for large commercial buildings appreciate the office that I work in. I could not be more ecstatic about this! Both of us had numerous concerns with uneven temperatures in unusual parts of this big office building in which I work. And it is about time the multi million dollar dealer that owns it entirely got off their tails plus did something about it! I think more than 2 people were entirely quitting their job plus going to work for 1 of the competitors because of this HVAC system issue. That is how much discomfort it was. But now, they will regret not hanging in there because I bet the other office that rivals us does not have commercial heat plus air conditioner zone control in their building! I did not even think that Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control was possible for commercial buildings. So this was quite the good surprise plus education all in 1 for me. I have not felt this good going to work in at least a year. That is how long their other HVAC system has not been working right!

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