Because of the storms

Both of us have been getting a lot of storms here lately, then it has made a real mess of things to be honest.

It also alerted myself and others to an issue I had no plan about, then and that was the fact that I needed to get the ductwork of my central HVAC system sealed! All kinds of junk was blowing into the air vents from outside while both of us were in these storms.

And 1 time, the ductwork even got a little flooded. It was at that point when I had to call the local HVAC system dealer to send out a certified heat plus air conditioner specialist to see what was going on plus why this happened, however this was when I was told about getting my ductwork sealed! I was totally unproper with this process. The heat plus air conditioner specialist explained it all to myself and others plus told myself and others that it would prevent future concerns appreciate this, however so naturally I paid to have it done because I did not want all the rain, dirt, grime plus even mud getting into the ductwork of my central HVAC system unit! That is bad for everything plus could have entirely well made my central HVAC system crash. I would not have liked that, and because that would have meant that I would have had to spend thoUSAnds of dollars on a brand new, current, entirely fancy plus entirely big central HVAC system unit. The Heating plus Air Conditioning systems of today are larger than the 1 I have.


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