The almost accident

I was pretty shocked to say the least.

I had study the other afternoon that there was this rooftop Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan on top of some sizable building in the town that came falling almost 12 stories high onto the street! It could have killed a bunch of people however luckily, there was no a single in its path when it fell and blew up all over the ground.

That was what I call an “almost accident”. Sure, the death of the rooftop central heating and air conditioner plan was an accident in itself and i’m sure is going to cost the supplier owners several thoUnited Statesnd dollars for a brand new and new rooftop heat and cooling system system, plus having to pay to have all the debris all over the sidewalk cleaned up by the town or some construction supplier. But this would have been a full on tragedy had it killed people walking by or caused a major car accident on the road since some of it did fall into the stressed street that this building sits on. But luckily, from what I study this all happened in the middle of the evening when the streets and sidewalks are dead and almost everyone are at home sleeping. So that was the good thing about this. It would have been a lot worse had that rooftop heating and air conditioner plan came crashing down in the middle of the afternoon or height of the evening. I think for the supplier owners. I undoubtedly really do!

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