Overnight work issue

I work overnight at a bank as a security guard.

Though my only job isn’t to guard the place and shoot any bad people that try to rob it after hours.

My other job is to make sure everything in the building is running smoothly. Well, the other week I had something not expected happen. The central heating and air conditioning system completely died in the middle of the night! It is one of those commercial heating and cooling units that heats and cools the place. Because of this, I had to look around and try to find a 24 hour emergency heating and air conditioning repair service to get them in and out of there before the bank opened up in the morning. You very well can not be opened for business if your heating as well as your air conditioning is not working very properly. This is a golden rule for all businesses, especially banks. I called around to several different heating and air conditioning companies and I was finding that most of them were only regular business hours. No one was there in the middle of the night! Then after deciding to open up a phone book, I found an emergency heat and a/c service that was opened and available. I was able to call them and have them come to the bank at 4am to fix the commercial heating and air conditioning system. They got it done promptly and nicely. Business opened at 8am and all was well. I went home and got myself to bed.


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