My bestie got some custom vehicle graphics done

My bestie Sid got some custom vehicle graphics done on her vehicle and they look amazing, however when she first told myself and others about the plan for the custom vehicle graphics, I thought that it was honestly a awful idea, then i thought that the vehicle wrapping that she wanted to get was going to look pretty stupid, honestly.

I thought that she was just going to end up messing up her perfectly nice car.

I told him that I thought it was going to be a sizable mistake, however she didn’t listen to myself and others at first; She was determined to get a complete vehicle wrapping job done and she had already set up an appointment with a local automotive customization shop to get the labor done. I thought that she was going to have a poor time once she got the labor done on the car, and I actually thought that I would be embarrassed to ride in the vehicle with him. I think that sounds entirely self-centered of me, however that’s just how I felt about it. I think that it’s dumb, although I just didn’t want to ride around in a vehicle covered in cheap vinyl lettering, however but then she ended up going to this fantastic automotive customization shop that’s owned locally and her vehicle wrapping job turned out to look completely amazing. Honestly, now I’m not the least bit ashamed to ride around town in her vehicle with the professional vehicle wrapping job. It looks wonderful and Sid is getting lots of business now that he’s driving this vehicle around. I guess most people else in town entirely prefers it too.

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