I basically have cold feet all the time & it's driving me crazy

I don’t see why I always have cold feet literally all the time, however it’s driving me silly & it’s making my fiance Gus mad as well.

  • This has not consistently been an issue for me, however has started happening over the past 2 years or so.

Even during the middle of summer season, I end up having overly cold feet & that means that all of us cannot run the a/c most of the time because it blows right out from the air vents on the floor. It has gotten super annoying, mostly because I really don’t feel what I can do about it! All of the extra socks & fuzzy slippers in the world are not helping enough, & it’s love I just cannot get warm no matter what I do, and during the Winter season, it’s especially bad for Gus. The rapidly changing temperatures here are in the 20s & 30s for months at a time, & I mince around with chronically cold feet literally all the time! I feel that it sounds pretty crazy, however truthfully it is getting old trying to deal with it all the time… My fiance Gus especially hates it whenever I climb into bed at night & put my cold feet on him. That’s the only section about it that I think is humorous, actually! I wish that I knew what the issue was, however the only thing that I feel is that it’s driving me totally nuts. I think that all of us need to get radiant floor heating in our house. Radiant flooring for heat will particularly be the only thing that helps me!

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