Which air filter am I supposed to get

I really had no plans for which air filter I needed to get whenever I was at the apartment improvement store last weekend.

I felt love a real big dummy while I was standing there on the heating & cooling supply aisle.

For some strange reason, I had not bothered to check out the measurements on my air filter at home. I had no clue about which one I needed to purchase. I also didn’t feel what type I should purchase. There were so many strange air filters there, although I did not feel if I should get an anti allergen filter, or a HEPA filter, or just the cheapest regular in-store brand! Luckily for me, there was a store employee who seemed to be pretty wise about the various heating & cooling systems, including air filters. He came over & asked me if he could give me some assistance, & so I ended up describing my gas furnace to hand. Honestly, I did not even feel the type of heater that I had, which was another reason that I felt stupid that morning. The store employee made a wild guess in helping me decide which air filter I should purchase, however based on the verbal description that I told him about my gas furnace, he took his best guess as to what I should buy. Then he told me that I could consistently come back & exchange it if it did not work in my heater. I guess I should really spend more money on things love my heater & my air filters. Otherwise, I’ll consistently feel crazy in the apartment improvement store.

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