The Winter season always makes me want to move

The latest Winter season was really disappointing so far & I am really sick & exhausted of it.

We have so much ugly gray wet snow on the ground, & it seems love it’s been here forever.

Every time the sun will come out, it will be followed by a large snowstorm. It’s getting really old, if you ask me. I am far past ready for the Spring to arrive, however of course no one controls the weather, & so there is virtually nothing that anyone can do about it except embrace the fact that the rapidly changing temperatures are still in the low 20s. I would not mind if it was Spring already, however there’s no sign of things warming up quite yet. The way that the snow has hung around for months at a time around here has really made me think about the fact that I might want to move down south. I at least want to move anywhere warmer than where I am currently. I don’t like the way that I need to spend so much money for high heating bills for my apartment every single month. It’s love I’m going to end up going broke just so I can stay warm enough in my apartment to not freeze to death during the harsh Winter season around here. I just don’t think that it makes much sense to live in weather that is so difficult to live in. I don’t feel why anyone would choose to live here. I was born here, & that’s the only real reason that I’m still here, but however, I am just about ready to go anywhere else. The thought of going anywhere where I don’t have to worry about the gas furnace any more sounds incredibly attractive to me. I would love to live out in the sunshine!


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