Getting such wonderful deals makes me feel happy

Getting such wonderful deals on things really makes me so excited for some reason.

I don’t quite understand what it is about finding a wonderful deal & saving money on things that make me feel so ecstatic, however it’s just the pleasure centers in my brain that light up whenever I know that I’ve saved a lot of cash on something! I think it makes me feel truly smart.

I’m consistently looking for a good deal, especially on the things I need for the house. The last time I had my apartment painted, I got it for a fraction of the cost that it would normally cost me, & I felt so dreamy about myself that I was in a wonderful mood for a month. The other thing that I love to save money on is the heating & cooling system. I’m consistently competing with myself each month when it comes to saving more money on my heating & cooling bills. I consistently want the next month to be cheaper than the one that came before it. Whenever I hear about an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier that’s offering a deal on a new gas furnace special or an a/c tune up and repair special, I consistently make sure to purchase it so that I can get ahead. I love to be sure that I’m not ever going to have concerns with my Heating & Air Conditioning system, because I definitely never want to have to spend money to have major repair work done. I love it when I save money on heating & cooling repair, & I’m so wonderful at finding deals.

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