We took a trip to the zoo in the freezing cold

We went to a zoo in the dismal cold the other morning, even though the temperature outside was almost cold, but the weather around here often gets really cold during the Winter season, & it will stay gray and chilly around here for months at a time, but i really beginning missing the sun’s rays right around this time of year like clockwork.

That’s when you kind of have to come out of hibernation & go locales whether it’s sunny outdoors or not. I feel as if going to the zoo is good for me, even though the temperature outside was really cold. I think it was particularly in the mid-20s, however all of us went ahead & go to the zoo anyway! We turned the heating plan up to full blast in the automobile on the way there, since all of us knew that all of us were going to be out in the wet and cold for the rest of the morning. When all of us arrived at the zoo, all of us saw all kinds of people bundled up in their Winter season coats & boots & hats. We knew that it was going to be really cold, & the winds blew to make it even worse. Once all of us got inside of the zoo area, all of us believed that all of us had made a disappointing mistake. It was cold. They did have a few of the large propane furnaces set up here & there around the main square section near the food serving area, however those furnaces did not make that much of a difference unless you were basically right beside them. We ended up spending most of our morning inside of the elephant house, but even though it was awfully smelly there, all of us were warm enough! The gas furnace inside of the elephant house was running at full blast the whole time that all of us were in there!


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