The ocean water completely destroyed the AC & heating equipment

A customer called to get an quote on fixing the heating & AC components in a boat, the sailboat & cabin had not been used in almost multiple years & the guy did not guess what to expect from the heating & AC components… I did not guess what to expect either.

It was 1 of our first times evaluating a boat & the heating & AC equipment.

I particularly found the device to be really similar to a heating & AC unit you would find in a home. The owner of the boat was not honestly ecstatic when he found out that the heating & AC components were not any good. They needed to be updated entirely. The ocean water had ruined all of the machinery; Clearly the last person using the boat had not been careful to correctly maintain the heating & AC equipment. This type of device can be harshly high-priced to update & the cost for the repairs & upgrade of modern device was going to be $1,740. When the guy heard the price tag, he started to get annoyed… He told myself and others that he paid that much currency for the boat, & believed he was getting a wonderful deal. I did not guess what to say to the guy. The ocean water completely destroyed the device & there was particularly no way that I could save any of the heating & cooling system. The guy never called myself and others back to complete the work, so I have no plan if he got the device upgraded or if he simply decided to ditch the boat.


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