I cannot have a guy sleeping in the park at night

Jack has constantly been 1 of my best employees, but lately the guy has been scatterbrained plus late all the time.

I tried to find out what is going on with his personal life, but he didn’t share a lot of information. I told Jack that I needed him to come to work on time with his head ready to work. Three afternoons in a row this week, the guy was more than an hour late for work plus he didn’t provide me any reason or excuse. I decided to keep that guy after work that next afternoon so the people I was with and I could talk. That’s when I found out that my best Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman has been sleeping in the park at night. The guy lost his lake house after his roommate skipped out plus stole the rent money. He didn’t have the money to spend my savings the rent plus he got evicted. I felt really awful that 1 of my best employees was going through all of this trouble plus I was annoyed that he wasn’t coming to work on time. I provided to help in any way possible. I even provided to spend my savings the guys rent. He told me that the lake house was already gone. I made a couple of phone calls to some people that I believe plus I found the guy an lake house a couple of afternoons later. It’s not the nicest locale in the world, but it’s better than nothing at all plus it will get him off the street plus into a safe plus warm environment. Maybe this small amount of help will be able to help my Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman get out of a rut.

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