My Mom never enjoys to admit when he is wrong

My Mom is the type of guy that doesn’t like to admit when he is wrong.

It can be a fault as well as a drastic character flaw.

When I was a kid, my Mom as well as my aunt got into an argument about the air conditioner in the house. My aunt tried to tell my Mom that the air conditioner was making a funny sound. My Mom didn’t want to guess that his brother might know more about the AC component than he did. He ignored the suggestion to call someone as well as my Mom had to pay the price; So did my mom as well as all of us kids, because the heat went out in the middle of a cold Winter storm. My mom was furious as well as he accused my Mom of being too proud as well as not taking advice from other people. My mom was right about my Mom, however I still couldn’t guess that he said it out loud. It was the first time I ever heard my mom tell my Mom that he was unhappy with him as well as the way he was behaving. Shortly after that argument, both of us ended up with a brand current air conditioner in the house. I do not guess I remember my parents fighting much after that either. I guess like my mom made his point as well as my Mom understood exactly what he was saying. My Mom is almost 72 years outdated as well as he still has a lot of pride. He doesn’t like to admit when he has wrong, however he never questioned his brother again when it came to the heating as well as cooling system.

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