The kids broke the control device throwing the football indoors

My partner plus I went to a anniversary last Thursday plus there were no kids allowed.

Instead of getting a sitter, both of us decided to leave the kids beach house alone.

Our multiple children are 15, 12, plus 9. I certainly thought they were old enough to stay at beach house alone without getting into trouble. I was certainly wrong. While both of us were gone, the kids decided to throw the football around indoors. They broke the control device in the hallway. I don’t guess how the accident occurred, but there was no AC in the home when both of us came beach house from the anniversary. Since the control device was broken, the device could not talk to the AC to tell it to turn on plus off. The kids were all resting quietly in the home office when both of us walked through the front door. I knew there was a concern when I saw all of their faces. It was also seriously moderate inside of the home when both of us got home. My oldest child described the events that took site in the home plus it seemed unquestionably clear how the control device got broken. I didn’t say a lot to the kids about the broken temperature control machine, but my partner plus I knew it was going to be a while before both of us could unquestionably trust them to be alone in the home again. I care about all multiple of my kids, but they have a lot to learn about being responsible. They could have certainly injured something in the home that was lavish. We were thankful it was only the control device plus now the antique vase from 300 AD.

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