I hired a personal fitness trainer after years of failing to lose weight

I grew up with on and off thyroid issues.

At one point I was struggling with bulging eyes that would get red and dried out without supplemental eye drops.

On top of that, I could never seem to stay at a healthy weight. I went from being a skinny kid who ate an average diet to a chubby teenager with the exact same eating habits. My pediatrician prescribed me medication for my overactive thyroid, but it wasn’t until a number of years later that any of the medications seemed to work. This is partly why my health and fitness hasn’t been the best over the years, especially since being out of shape makes it harder to get active in the first place. After years of failing to lose the necessary weight on my own, I admitted defeat and looked for a personal fitness trainer that could help me improve my health. I don’t want to die before 40 from a preventable heart attack. Thankfully my personal fitness trainer is a great guy who is kind and understanding of my health problems. He’s also really motivating whenever I need the extra push mentally. I could be struggling at the bench press and feel like I can’t get the bar above my head. Instead of discouraging me, my personal fitness trainer shows me the path forward. My health and physique is the best it has ever been now that I’m working with a personal fitness trainer. This was worth all of the hard work that it took to get this far. However, I have a long way to go before I get to my target weight.



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