I found a partner after joining local yoga classes at a big yoga studio

Growing up in a small town was really difficult for me.

I wasn’t fond of the outdoors and loathed that our house was over a mile away from our closest neighbors.

Once I started school, the student size was so small that there was an intense clique environment. Although I eventually settled into a friend group, my school years were not without drama and teenage frustration. I was ready for college when I finally got my high school diploma, set to leave my small town behind for a metropolis out west. However, my change of environment did not radically alter my outlook on life like I was hoping it would. I struggled even more to meet new people and make friends because the college and the surrounding city made me feel claustrophobic immediately upon my arrival. My college roommate was a huge yoga and meditation fanatic and finally convinced me to accompany him to a yoga studio downtown one day. I wasn’t expecting to like yoga, but I immediately took to the stretches and forms. It also helped that I found a partner there after chatting with a woman I had seen multiple times over the course of a few months. I asked her out on a date and our relationship blossomed from there naturally. It has been several years and we’re still taking the same yoga classes at the same yoga studio here in town. We also enjoy working out together at the gym, as we’re both very active people. I’m happy that I was able to find romance after joining local yoga classes.


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