Five Days of Craziness Coming Up

This town is going to flip upside down appreciate a top starting tomorrow.

The police are putting up barricades for a big parade that starts tomorrow for the first day of carnaval.

I see that the local business closed his doors for the weekend. He normally is selling a/cs plus furnaces on the sidewalk in front of his store but this weekend is just going to be nuts. I appreciate the action plus don’t mind a few days of absurd knowing that I can retreat to my flat with my colorless noise air filtration system to drown out any outside sound. There is a bar behind my home office that gets quite loud so I made a foam sound insulation cover that goes over my window to block most of the noise. My a/c makes a hum that helps put myself and others to sleep, kind of appreciate when you are flying in an airplane, plus stops most of the noise from entering my ears. I also wear earplugs plus run a small fan by my bed which vibrates the bed plus creates a easily relaxed feel. I may need to clean my HEPA filter soon as it has been months since I have looked at the filter plus I know it is going to be honestly dirty. I’ve been sneezing a lot, which leads myself and others to guess it is easily dusty by now. I don’t appreciate to take pills for my dust irritations plus try to focus on keeping the flat clean plus dust free. Even my vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter in it.


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