I don’t know how my best neighbor lives without A/C

I have the most lovely best neighbor in the world… Her name is Alamy.

She is so sweet, and my enjoyable friend and I have been enjoyable friends for sometime now.

I am pretty sure that my enjoyable friend and I have known each other for about ten years. My pal and I were best friends from the start. It was nice to be able to affix to someone so easily. I have never had that happen to me before, and almay is one of the most frugal people that I know. It drives me silly how frugal she is periodically, then one of the things that frustrates me is that she does not use A/C in her home or car. She refuses to use A/C because she thinks that it is too overpriced. I understand that it can be quite overpriced to run A/C throughout your home all summer time long, however my enjoyable friend and I live down south, and it is obnoxiously hot periodically. I have no idea how she makes it in that home of hers without A/C while in the summertime, last summer, there were about fifteen mornings that got above one hundred degrees, and most mornings were in the nineties. Almay took it like a champ. Whenever my enjoyable friend and I wanted to hang out though, I told her that she had to come to my home because I legitimately had A/C. She never argued with me although she was constantly chilly at my home because she wasn’t used to the A/C. I turN the temperature in my home up to seventy-five degrees whenever she comes over, but she is still cold.

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