My house is so much nicer now that I have a working AC system

I bought my house about three years ago. I got a really good deal on the house because it needed quite a bit of work. When I first looked at the house, I was not convinced that it was for me. I actually continued looking for houses for about another three months. My mind kept going back to this house though. I really liked the layout of it, and it had a lot of land with it. It had the potential of being my dream home, but I knew that it would need a lot of work to be just that. I decided to just go ahead and buy it and work on it for as long as I needed to make it my dream home. Well, it has been three years, and I am about half way done. I had to take a little break from the aesthetics of my house to save money to fix my air conditioning system. I knew that the air conditioning system was not working when I bought the house. I also knew that anything HVAC related would be an expensive fix, but I took that into consideration. It took me a few months of saving in order to be able to afford fixing my air conditioning system. I am so glad that I decided to do that before continuing to fix up my house. It is so much nicer working in an air conditioned house. It makes me so happy to be nice and cool. I find that I get more work done as well. I have a long way to go, but at least I have air conditioning now.

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