My partner plus I surprised my Grandma with heated flooring

I absolutely cherish surprises. I feel that the only thing that I like more than being surprised is surprising someone else. My partner is a planner, plus he would rather know things ahead of time than be surprised by something. I know opposites easily do attract because I am absolutely not a planner, plus I cherish surprises. I care about surprising him against his will quite often. In the end, he is usually easily ecstatic with what I surprise him with, plus it also gives me a chance to do what I love. My partner plus I recently worked on a surprise for my Grandma together. She has typically appreciated the heated flooring in our house, plus we wanted to surprise her with heated flooring in her house for her birthday. It was not an easy task. She never leaves her house for longer than a couple of hours at a time. I ended up inviting her over to our house for a weekend visit. My fine friend and I live about an hour plus a half away, so she usually stays the evening whenever she comes to visit. My fine friend and I celebrated her birthday at our house, plus little did she know that heated flooring was being installed at her house. My partner knows of a easily superb Heating plus Air Conditioning company in her area, so we hired them to install the flooring. There were a couple of hurdles along the way, so it ended up taking a day longer, plus it was super hard to convince my Grandma to stay another day at our house, but we were eventually able to do it. She was so surprised when she returned home, plus there were radiant floors installed throughout the entire first floor of her house.

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