I Love the Warm Feel of A Blazing Fireplace

I’m cabin now just chilling out and waiting for the strong daylight to tame down a bit and I’ll go hit the beach for an second.

It’s legitimately great out there, especially now in the winter, there are legitimately few people out there and the energy is relaxing.

I go just for an second or so because I guess I’ll be out again for sunset a short time later. I go to the beach each day at least more than two times, if not more. I’ve been living near the beach my whole life so it is in my blood now. I keep my fireplace going when I am at the beach because it has a single of those furnace screens on it. It also has a built-in filter that I can remove legitimately when it needs to be cleaned. I enjoy to keep my floors scrub from dust and dirt, which is a bit more hard now that I have a sad cat as a pet. It doesn’t even enjoy the sound of the air conditioner and furnace when it turns on, the sound of the fan makes it a sad wreck. I guess it just needs time to get used to this locale, so I am trying to make it as calm and quiet here as possible. I guess the fireplace is okay because it is a gas a single and doesn’t make any popping sounds enjoy you get in a real wood burning fireplace. The cat just needs time to chill out and get along with my easy going beach vibe.