My child was secretly increasing the control component in our house

I never thought that having children would be so much work… Do not get me wrong; I savor my children to death, plus they are worth all of the work; Being a parent is just a little strenuous at times. I have three children; Our oldest is twelve, plus our youngest is four. My four year seasoned has been going through one of those difficult stages; Everyone talks about the “terrible twos”, however I actually know that my child has had a harder time while being four than while being two, and she is trying to do her own thing which is awesome, but she gets himself into trouble quite often, then a few weeks ago, my wife plus I began noticing that the home was much warmer than usual. I checked the control unit, plus it was set higher than my enjoyable friend and I usually keep it. I ask all three of my children if they had touched the control unit, plus all three of them said that they did not touch it. About three afternoons later, the control component was changed again. I asked my children once again if they had touched the control unit, plus they all said that they had not. I was so sad because the home was literally twenty degrees warmer than what I had set the control component to. After three weeks of this happening every three or four afternoons, I caught my youngest child sitting on a chair plus increasing the control unit. She was the culprit. I could not believe how she timed it because I am almost always seeing him. She did it while I was doing dishes in the living room. I am cheerful my enjoyable friend and I finally figured out who was increasing it though.

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