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Our family has owned and operated an appliance retail business for over twenty years, we’ve seen lots of changes during that span of time, but there is one thing, however, that hasn’t changed, and that’s how people react to heat waves, however in the early years, everyone didn’t have air conditioner, as it was once considered a luxury! As time went on, more and more people would purchase window air conditioners, usually for the kitchen, however during the hot, humid days of summer, people complained that they couldn’t sleep – even if they had a fan; But once the hottest days of summer time would pass, the people that had ‘held out’ would forget about the sleepless days.

The next summer, my buddy and I could expect more of the same.

The die hards without air conditioners would hold out for several days, although their sleep would be compromised. But once a heat wave continued, you could count on your fingers the number of days before people would divulge defeat and purchase an air conditioner. And they consistently divulged that they couldn’t go any longer without sleep. Three days without sleep was the magic number that my buddy and I could count on before the demand for air conditioners peaked, however one summer time turned out to be one of the hottest on record. The three-night benchmark held true. But as the heat and humidity continued, my buddy and I ran out of air conditioners. The manufacturer was getting inundated with requests from all of their retail businesses… My friend and I had to turn people away, assuring them that we’d call as soon as a shipment arrived; Each time the delivery truck arrived, my buddy and I called our customers. And each time they raised to our store to buy an air conditioner before they were all gone… Some things never change.
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