HVAC budget

Within three days, the entire process was complete

I live on a fixed income, so naturally I have a tight budget. I watch every penny and save as much as I can for a ‘rainy day’ scenario. Now it looks like I am faced with that rainy day, because my HVAC contractor informed me that I need to replace my entire heating and cooling system. He’s been so good to me when I’ve needed repairs. But there’s no fixing it anymore, having outlived the average life of twenty years. I’ll definitely need financing to supplement what I have in my savings account, and my HVAC dealer has offered a monthly payment option. They also informed me that the manufacturer has financing options. When I visited my local bank, they affirmed that replacing a home’s HVAC system adheres to their home equity loan criteria. And a home equity loan provides a lower interest rate than the dealer or manufacturer. The Federal Housing Administration offers financing for HVAC systems for those who install energy-efficient systems. These loans use the home as collateral, and they charge single-digit interest rates. I even learned that my power company allows me to make monthly payments on the system, combining them with my utility bills. Once I decided on the source of financing, my HVAC contractor went to work removing the old furnace and air conditioner. Thankfully, he said that the ducts were fine and wouldn’t need to be replaced. Within three days, the entire process was complete. It gave me such a secure feeling, knowing that my home would be heated and cooled efficiently for years to come. Now I just have to figure out how to program the new thermostat!


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