Loud air conditioner might need servicing

Every time our air conditioning kicks on we have to turn the TV up several notches so that we can hear it. That is because the air conditioning is rather loud. This has been the case ever since we moved into this house. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the air conditioning. It cools the condo just good and everything. The sound doesn’t sound alarming either. It is just loud, and like a truly loud fan blowing or like an engine working. My friend and I are so used to it that we simply grab the remote and turn up the volume as soon as the air conditioning cranks on. Then lower the volume when it cranks off. The volume and down buttons are truly worn down on our remote from us doing this for years. I didn’t think it was odd until a friend visited and noticed our loud air conditioning. He recommended that we might want to get an Heating and Air Conditioning worker to look at our system. He said that, to him, it sounded like our air conditioning was working way too hard and that this would setbackly impact our electric bill if that is the case. It is tscheme that we spend money more for electricity in this condo than we have in any other condo we’ve lived in. I decided to go ahead and call the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation. They cleaned a bunch of stuff out of our HVAC duct and they oiled and cleaned our whole Heating and Air Conditioning system. And do you know what? Our air conditioning is way quieter now. My friend and I can hardly hear it anymore. I bet our electric bill will be lower next month too.

a/c worker