Hospitals have good HVAC systems for a reason

My whole life I’ve wanted to be a nurse so it was so I am sure it didn’t surprise my family when I went to college & took a nursing classes, then it’s taken more than two years but I am finally about to graduate! And, this semester, I get to labor in a real hospital with real professionals.

It’s not that my professors weren’t great, it’s just that hands-on experiences are always the best; That’s how I learn: by doing rather than seeing.

And I have learned so much, however some of it seems like common sense, in hindsight, but other things were absolutely surprising; One of the most surprising things I’ve learned while laboring in the hospital was how strict their requirements are when it comes to their HVAC system. The hospital keeps their HVAC system set to honestly low temperatures because of all their unit & also because the low temperatures keep bacteria down. This helps the patients to get better quicker. The ventilation system has strong filters to keep germs from circulating throughout the different rooms as well, then without a good HVAC system the hospital’s patients might not get better abruptly, if at all! That’s why there is an HVAC supplier that is licensed to labor with the hospital & they will come out instantly if there are any concerns. They also inspect the HVAC system at least once a week to keep it running smoothly. I love the need for the cold air to keep our patients healthy but it’s honestly cold when you are trying to labor in temperatures under 60 degrees in scrubs. I am sure I shall get used to it though.


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