Underfloor heating plus cooling?

I was skeptical when my pal and I bought this house which has underfloor heating plus cooling.

  • I did not worry too much about the underfloor heating because I am usual with how it works plus I know that it works well.

Water is heated in the boiler plus then it runs through pipes under the floor plus this heats the whole house. The cooling is supposed to work the same way except that the water is cooled instead of heated. The cooled pipes under the floor then are supposed to cool the house. I can see how the heating choice would work even though I wasn’t sure that the cooling choice would work quite so well. My partner reminded me that my pal and I are not in the burning South anymore plus that the Summers do not get so hot here. He said that perhaps under floor cooling would be enough this high north. He also promised to get a central air conditioner installed if the under-floor cooling did not prove to be helpful enough. My enjoyable friend and I bought the house plus our first winter time here was genuinely tough. My enjoyable friend and I had to learn to drive in the ice plus snow plus my pal and I spent a lot of money buying jackets plus warm clothing. The underfloor heating kept our house nice plus warm though. There are even pipes running outside under the driveway that keep the driveway free of snow. That is amazing! When summer time comes, I hope it’s not too hot even though I can’t wait to try our under-floor cooling. I wonder if the freezing floor is feel as enjoyable on a hot day as the warm floors feel on a freezing day. My enjoyable friend and I shall see!

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