I genuinely wish I could quit my non-air conditioned task

Periodically you take a task not because you like the task because you need the money.

That is the case with this dishwashing task that I have at a chain restaurant.

Although my pal and I do have a washing device I still have to rinse off all of the dishes before putting them into the machine, furthermore, it’s not a washing device like you have in your house either. The restaurant washing device is more like a transferor belt that moves the dishes through the hot water plus then the dryer plus I sit right next to it all day long putting dishes on the transferor belt. It is so hot plus humid. I’m looking for a current task but, like I said, I have to pay the bills in the meantime. Then this week, I went into work plus the air conditioner had stopped laboring in the restaurant. It’s not that hot in the dining part so my boss wasn’t genuinely sad about the cooling system being down, and however I was angry plus so was the rest of the home office staff because they sit over hot stoves all day. My enjoyable friend and I were all talking about just walking out however no one was brave enough to do it. My enjoyable friend and I agreed that the air conditioner had better be fixed tomorrow are my pal and I would walk out for sure. My enjoyable friend and I made sure our boss heard us. The boss guy assured us that it would be fixed by tomorrow. It had better be. I did not feel undoubtedly well laboring in that hot, humid environment without an air conditioner. No amount of money is worth my health.

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