Just Enjoyed the Best Brunch Ever

My dinner this morning didn’t quite do it for me. I had the regular kefir with an apple dinner after our morning swim in the cold sea. Maybe it speeds up our metabolism afterwards plus I am hungry quite fast, but I was starving after our dip this morning so I made an egg plus saUSge omelet. I fried some bell peppers in olive oil, along with 2 saUSge connects plus some spices, plus then added in pasta tubes plus eggs. They all cooked to a delicious consistency of lightly browned plus caramelized, plus I loved every bite of it. I’m truly glad with our heating plus air conditioner plus how it cleans the air when I am cooking without the need for the exhaust fan above the stove. I am consistently running the fan to wash plus circulate the air in our flat so it is consistently being filtered. I have a HEPA filter that detachs all particles plus smells plus only needs cleaning about once every other week. It has made our pollen irritations a lot better for me plus I was able to stop taking pills to free me of the symptoms. I may buy another washable HEPA filter in a few weeks because I have had this a single for quite a while now plus I believe it will need to be substituted a single day soon. They don’t cost that much if you look online plus make sure you get the correct size because there are several odd sizes plus some of them look the same. But please, go with a HEPA filter.


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