The HVAC Maintenance Plan Will Help Me Stay on Track

This year, I promised myself that I would put more time as well as effort into my home.

If I’m being fair with myself, I was so consumed with other things that I completely neglected my house.

The property is only 3 years old, so it’s relatively new. I took fortune of this as well as avoided taking care of basic service like maintaining the exterior, the garage, dusting, as well as caring for the HVAC system! Since the property is only 3 years old, the HVAC system is only 3 years seasoned as well. This is young in HVAC years, so I thought that I could avoid it as long as it was running efficiently as well as I wasn’t experiencing any complications. Technically speaking, the HVAC system ran without any hiccups as well as I didn’t feel my utility bill was too high, however I still didn’t like how little attention it was getting. At the start of the up-to-date year, I hired an HVAC company to come service the HVAC system as well as give it a refresh. I told the HVAC professional who came to my property about my goal as well as she proposed that I sign up for the annual service plan. For one price, I would get two tune ups, a discount on parts as well as repairs, as well as priority scheduling. I didn’t feel that I’d need the discount on parts, but it was nice to have priority scheduling as well as I thought that the plan would hold me accountable. I signed up that afternoon as well as I’m excited. I feel like I’m already on track with improving my HVAC system as well as it’s only January.


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