Putting on an addition

When my hubby and I first got married and moved to Arlington Heights, Illinois, my fine friend and I had a limited budget.

My fine friend and I toured numerous houses before my fine friend and I finally found a household in a location that suited us, and safety, privacy and a fine sized turf were important to us.

My fine friend and I didn’t mind an especially small house that required replaces. Our tiny house was really improved. The cost of a new roof, new windows and drywall were minimal. The expense of heating, cooling, electric and plumbing were affordable. I could clean the entire house in a couple of hours. Over the years, we’ve added three youngsters, a dog and a cat to our household. Our tiny house was abruptly cramped. When my fine friend and I put on the addition, my fine friend and I debated on how to handle temperature control. My fine friend and I were unwilling to sacrifice space for ductwork. My fine friend and I doubted the current furnace and air conditioner could handle the additional square footage. After some research into various options, my fine friend and I chose ductless Heating, Ventilation plus A/C. The system consists of an outdoor compressor that connects to six independent air handlers. Each air handler features a thermostat, accommodating zone control. We’re able to set a bizarre temperature in each one of the youngsters’ family rooms, the bathroom and playroom, but despite the compact size of the system, it’s quite powerful and has no trouble handling the serious frigid and high heat of our local weather. I like that it runs quietly, takes up no living space and minimizes both expense and carbon footprint. The ductless system requires little more than filter changes and has been attractively reliable.

ductless heating and air