Refrigerant leak requires repair

When I bought a house in Chicago, the heating system was nearly brand new however the a/c was aged, however according to the house inspection, the A/C unit could be expected to last many more years, then since the loft required quite a few fancy upgrades, I was hoping to avoid replacing the cooling system! I made sure to be conservative with the control unit setting, change the air filter respectfully plus schedule professional repair in the Spring.

  • The first Summer in our new home, the a/c seemed to operate just fine! Even if the unit made quite a bit of noise plus seemed to run non stop, the loft was nice plus cool.

In the middle of June, there was hastily nothing however sizzling air flowing from the vents. I checked the batteries in the control unit plus tried the reset button on the cooling unit however nothing fixed the problem. I had no option however to call a licensed company for A/C repair. The heat plus humidity in Chicago can be extreme. The loft abruptly became warm, sticky plus horribly uncomfortable. I was very thankful when the specialist showed up to check out the system… He diagnosed the operation plus figured out that there was a very small refrigerant leak. There was no way to know if it was a new or an outdated leak. He suggested recharging the refrigerant plus hoping for the best. The service could last for a month or many years. The cost of the service was two hundred dollars, which was far less than replacing the whole cooling system. The service solved the complication for one year. The following June, there was once again nothing however sizzling air flowing from the vents. I was unwilling to invest another two hundred dollars into an outdated plus failing unit. I called the same HVAC company back. This time, I decided to invest into a new cooling system.

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