Considerations for A/C replacement

When the sweltering Summer weather in Palm Bay, FL, was start to set in, I decided it was time to invest into a current central a/c.

I was no longer satisfied with the performance of my existing cooling system. It was failing to handle the heat on especially overheated and humid days. Turning down the thermostat setting forced the cooling system to operate just about non stop. My electric bills were steadily climbing even while comfort was declining. I knew that central A/C replacement would be a worthwhile home improvement. To ensure a satisfying investment, I decided to make a list of priorities. One of the most important considerations was my budget. The purchase price of A/C units depends on everything from the size of the home and type of system to the intricacies of the replacement. I knew that I could apply for financing, however I number one to pay for the a/c upfront and avoid payments and interest. Before choosing the make and model of the cooling unit, I needed to factor in the size of the home and the features I wanted. I looked into a conventional cooling system with an outdoor condenser equipment and indoor air handler. I also researched ductless A/C units that consist of an outdoor compressor and multiple indoor air handlers that mount on the wall. I relied on a licensed Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor to correctly size the system. The serviceman completed a load calculation to determine the cooling capacity required. A system that is too small or too sizable negatively impacts efficiency, comfort and expenses. Hiring a licensed, experienced and trained Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor ensures peak functionality and fulfills the guidelines of the manufacturer’s warranty. The contractor in Palm Bay did a good task for me.


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