The climate is just too cold

I cannot wait until I can transfer to a much warmer climate.

In fact, I do not even know why I continue to stay here as long as I do.

It’s just way too cold. The thing is I grew up in the northern part of the US and so you would think that I would be used to the cold weather by now. But I think I am just one of those people that never did adjust to it. When I was a child I remember going outside in the yard to make snowmen and throwing snowballs at my siblings, and now, I think it’s just because I am older even though I cannot even go outside without putting on a heavy sweater, then not in this climate anyways. I’ve been looking at a lot of these warm southern tropical States that make enjoyable getaway spots. I’ve been dreaming for quite some time now to live in one of these sites, and just say goodbye to the cold for good, eventually it occurred to me that I need to stop dreaming about going there and entirely make it a reality if it’s what I unquestionably wanted to do. So that’s what I started working towards doing, after looking for a little while I got hired out of state, and now in a few months I shall be moving south and I shall be saying goodbye to this cold weather once and for all, and did you know that in that section they have heating and a/c units that are combined into one unit? How nice it is that they do not even have to have a dedicated heater! Even more reason why I cannot wait to get out of here. If I had to tell you how multiple times I had to have heating system repairs done to my heating system every year I’d be writing a book!



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