I did not want to the owner to know I have a cat

I have been living in my apartment for the last 6 months, then when I decided to rent the apartment, I knew that I was not allowed to have any cats at all. It was no massive deal to follow this rule when I moved in. Then my sibling decided to get rid of her animal and I did not want to go to a shelter. I told my sibling that I would take the small, 20 lb cat. I have done my best to hide the animal as well as I can. I walk the animal behind the building instead of up front by the office. So far things have been good, but this week there was an emergency and I had to get a repairman in the house. I did not want the owner to know that I have a cat, but the emergency maintenance specialist for the air conditioning saw the cat. The emergency maintenance specialists showed how the animal was actually cute. I did not say anything to the woman about the fact that the animal was supposed to be a secret. I have no idea if the air conditioning specialist said something to the manager of the apartment building or not. I suppose I willfind out on Monday day. If there is a notice on my door, then I know that the manager of the apartments knows that I have a cat. I will not be able to do anything except pay the pet fee which is $500. If that happens, hopefully I willbe able to get my sibling to pay half.


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