Work has been busy and I’m barely sleeping

Work has been extremely busy lately.

On Mondays and Tuesdays I usually have a slow day, but the last 6 months have been busier than ever.

The rest of the week is extremely busy too. Just during this month, I have made over $2,000 in commissions from the HVAC repairs and installation jobs I have completed. I also get an hourly wage that is competitive. I am barely sleeping due to all of the days that I have been working non-stop. I lay down at night and my mind starts racing. I can’t seem to shut things off when I need to sleep. I spoke with my doctor about the insomnia that I have been experiencing. The doctor told me that I need to take a couple of days away from the HVAC repair and installation company. He told me that I should think about taking a vacation. The doctor said I need to slow down, especially if I plan to stay in the HVAC repair and installation industry. My work is physically demanding and exhausting. Most of the time I don’t stop and eat lunch and now I’m not sleeping either. I’m going to end up shutting down my body, because I’m not properly sleeping or eating. I’ve been working seven days a week for two months and it isn’t slowing down now that we have hit the summer months. If I don’t take some time to relax and unwind, I’m going to end up in the psych ward at the mental hospital with a nervous breakdown.
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