I entirely enjoyed the conversation, but what does it have to do with a/c?

I called the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation, because I wanted to ask some questions about a current a/c unit, and i spoke to the receptionist at the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier for about 20 minutes, & I still had not asked my questions… My friend and I were talking about children, recipes, & discussing how deranged the weather had been over the last three mornings, but when I hung up the PC, I realized I had not asked her a single question about Heating & Air Conditioning.

  • I called back & told her who I was, & she asked how she could help me? I chuckled & told her I entirely enjoyed the conversation, but it had nothing to do with a/c.

I had been having quite a few problems with my a/c component over the last couple of weeks, & I wanted to have an Heating & Air Conditioning tech come out & check it out, & possibly help me choose a current one, she told me she had an appointment open for the following morning at 8 AM & it asked if that would be okay? I knew I would have to take work off for a couple of hours, but before I called in, I asked the receptionist what kind of window my fine friend and I were looking at. She said that since the appointment was at 8 AM, I would be the first home call on the roster for the Heating & Air Conditioning professional, & he should be there at exactly 8 AM, just to be safe, I called my boss & told him ‌I could not be in until noon on the following morning & explained about the Heating & Air Conditioning tech, then he told me to take off the entire morning because you can never count on an Heating & Air Conditioning professional being on time.


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