Carnaval Come to My City Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow begins the large carnaval celebration plus I am gearing up for it.

I am not much into celebrationing anymore as I spent about 30 years of my life in clubs both celebrationing plus performing comedy shows.

I have since quit the comedy circuit plus am focusing more on playing tunes plus singing. I love to play the djembe plus sing while my neighbor plays guitar. The people I was with and I usually do it in the streets plus make a few bucks on the side. This weekend may not be a nice weekend though for busking because the town is going to be crowded. I need to check my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan soon because the people I was with and I are turning the corner with weather plus I will need to run the air conditioning in not too long. Last year I made the mistake of thinking the A/C would be nice when the weather was overheated plus it didn’t toil at all. I was perspiring bullets for a few mornings while waiting for the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business to send someone out to take a look at it. I had the same issue when my Wi-Fi went out, waiting for almost a month to get it fixed. Have you ever gone a month without Wi-Fi? The air duct is for sure in need of cleaning as I can see dust accumulating on the vents in most of the rooms. Maybe I can unfasten the vents plus scrub them myself, however as far as the ducts go, I would rather have a pro come plus do the cleaning for me. Wish myself and others luck!


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