Her step-dad was hiring more professionals for his growing HVAC business

In high school, I had a friend called Lisa. She’d moved to our school from another state, and was finding her way. I befriended her and we’d hang out so much. I came to learn that her mom had remarried, and that’s why they moved to the area. Her step-dad was a good man, and she was glad to see her mom happy. Lisa and I were good friends from the start. We never had romantic feelings for one another since she is gay. So, this made it easier to be best friends. After high school, Lisa went to university and I chose to go to trade school. I’m not one for fancy degrees and corporate jobs. I prefer to work with my hands so I knew I’d pick a career that made it easy to work with my hands. One time I met with Lisa and her dad, and we got to talk about the HVAC industry. He told me how he started his business many years ago, and the benefits of working as a HVAC professional. It sounded great, and that’s how I ended up in college training to become a HVAC professional. When I was getting close to graduation, Lisa’s dad gave me a part time job at his HVAC business. The deal was I’d get a full time position once I got my HVAC certification. True to his word, I was hired as a HVAC professional a month after I completed my studies. Lisa’s dad has been the best mentor and I am so glad I met him. He loves Lisa and hopes the best for her. We are also close because I am now a HVAC professional working for her dad.



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