Summers are a busy time for the HVAC company

As a kid in high school, I was a bit lost. To be honest, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. Dad tried his best to give me advice and point me in different directions, but nothing ever interested me. I think I was too obsessed with the life of being a senior and living a good life. So, when high school was over, I became quite depressed. Dad didn’t let me wallow in my sorrows, and he forced me to get a job. He stopped paying for my phone, and fuelling my car. So, I went to work in a department at the mall so I could cover these expenses. While there, I began facing the realities of being an adult, and thinking about my life. One evening, I went home and told my dad I wanted to go to school and study to become an HVAC expert. He wanted to know why I’d chosen the HVAC industry. Dad’s brother is an HVAC expert, and we’d been communicating for some time. I wanted advice, and I thought he’d be easier to consult. He helped me learn about the HVAC industry and that sparked an interest in me. Dad was happy to pay for college, and I passed with flying colors. Once I got my HVAC certification, I landed a job at a local HVAC expert. It took about a year before I was ready to go on solo jobs. Now, I am a qualified HVAC expert, and summers are the busiest time when it gets hot. I do work overtime, and money is great, so I’m glad I chose this industry.

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