I broke several cooling systems

My partner Max got back to our dwelling just as I was ripping into the living room air conditioning system.

When Max asked what I was doing; I asked her what she thought I was doing.

Max’s retort was sharp – telling me I was doing something I had promised her I would never do. Max asked me how several cooling systems I had already broken. I didn’t know the number of cooling systems I broke, however this was not going to be one of them. I wasn’t working on it to repair or service it. I was only cleaning the filters in the cooling system so Max and I could have some cleaner air in our living room. Max threw her hands up plus walked out of the living room before I could tell her I was just cleaning it. When I got to the living room, Max was looking through the corporate website for the dwelling center. I realized she was looking for a modern air conditioning system component for the living room. I told Max she would be wasting our money, because the AC component was already running, plus it was running quietly now. Max didn’t believe me plus ran upstairs to check for herself. Max demanded to know if I had traded one of the air conditioning system units in one of the other rooms, for this one. I told Max I was just cleaning it. Max shook her head plus I thought she was going to walk away. Instead, she apologized for not giving me the right credit, but she also reminded me it wouldn’t have been the first air conditioning system component I had wrecked, even while cleaning.


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