Tom needed a furnace, plus it was only summer.

My next door neighbor Tom was telling me he needed a modern furnace for his boat.

Tom spent weeks on the ocean, both winter plus summer, as long as the weather was decent.

Tom had sleeping quarters for four, plus two full bathrooms. Without the furnace plus air conditioning system, Tom said he would never get any real sleep, however right after winter ended, Tom ordered his modern furnace. I wanted to know why Tom would order the furnace so early. According to Tom, it took almost three months to get his last furnace. It had to be ordered so it would fit in the small furnace area… Once the furnace arrived, Tom would drive the boat back to the marina where the mechanic was, plus he would install the furnace. I believe Tom had more fun driving back plus forth to the marina, because it was something Tom often talked about. He asked me to go with him when they called to say the small furnace was in, plus I asked my partner, she told me to have fun. I believe that she was cheerful to have the house to herself for a long weekend. At least that’s what I thought, until Tom asked if my partner wanted to go along. Tom’s partner decided to go, plus he wanted her to have some supplier so he could get some quiet time away from her, plus she liked my partner. My partner asked if the air conditioning system on the boat was working, plus all I could do was laugh. She knew the furnace had broken, plus didn’t want to be on the water without an air conditioning system.

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