Quality AC Service is Just a Touch of a Button Away

Remember when you had to open the yellow pages to find someone to help you? I think we had about five yellow page books in our house and it would take about ten minutes of looking through them to find the right company when we needed service on something.

I used to advertise my painting company in the yellow pages back in the day until one day when the FBI called me because I was using their initials in my ad. My company initials were FBI so I would use that as an advertising tool to catch people’s eyes. When we needed some HVAC service we would have to look through all of the ads then decide by their ad if they were a good company or not. There were no reviews to look at online because there was no online back then. Now, we have all the local contractors just the touch of a button away from being at our house to help us within a few minutes. Life is a bit different nowadays and it has really streamlined the process of finding good help with the invention of the internet. I can find the best HVAC brand at the cheapest price within a couple minutes when it used to take me days of research to do the same. I am looking at getting a new heating unit in my flat so I need to look around online to see where to buy it as the local contractor down the road doesn’t have any at the moment. Life is much better in some ways now.
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