No one heard of my Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier.

I opened my Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier about three months ago, and i couldn’t figure out why no one was calling for free inspections.

I had it on my website that the first twenty callers would get free inspections for their Heating plus Air Conditioning system.

I was so careful when I was creating the website. I’m not an expert on web creation, however the web creator software I found made it sound straight-forward; They walked you through every step, and they even hosted the website. It was everything I thought I wanted. I was told to stay away from the seasoned way of advertising the new Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier. They said it was archaic and should no longer be used. I talked to my sibling and asked his to check the Heating plus Air Conditioning website for me, but he called me back half an hour later and asked me to give his the website address again. I gave his to his and he told me to stay on the PC. I could feel it when he told me he couldn’t find the website. She said it wasn’t somewhere he looked. She tried more than 2 ways, including doing a google search, however he couldn’t find it. She came to the household two hours later… After doing a search online for me, he showed me where I had screwed up. The website supplier had given me the web host, however it didn’t tell me how to make the Heating plus Air Conditioning website live, and my sibling told me he would create a real website for me, and it would be online in a day or two. After waiting three months, a couple more afternoons wasn’t going to make a difference.

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