My mother refused to get a new heater.

I’m not sure why, but when my mother was told she needed a new heater, she kicked the Heating plus A/C professional out of the house. She called & told me she was infuriated & what had happened. When she said she kicked the Heating plus A/C professional out of the house, I could not guess it. She told me she didn’t even have time to look at the heating system before she told her she needed a new one. Since when does it take less than ten minutes to make an evaluation like that? I asked her when she called the Heating plus A/C supplier? She said she waited until she had enough money to pay them. She knew the heating system wasn’t toiling before, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t be toiling now. I now asked how long it had been since the heating system broke. When she told me it was a while, however she had some old space heaters she had been using to keep the home warm, I was infuriated. I told her she should have told me. I knew I didn’t get to her home often, but could it have absolutely been so long that I didn’t know her heating system was broken. I was feeling like the worst kind of daughter, not knowing my mother was going without a heater. She told me it was okay. Her sibling didn’t know she was without heat either, & she understood. I feel even worse now. I wanted to go to my mother’s home & talk to her about moving into my home with me, but I had to talk to my spouse before making that kind of decision.