She told me I needed a new a/c unit.

I wasn’t sure what the Heating plus A/C professional was going to say when she got to the house, but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

I thought she may tell me she needed parts & had to go back to the Heating plus A/C supplier.

At worst, she would say had to order parts when she got back to the Heating plus A/C supplier, & it would take a few nights to get them. When she told me I needed a new a/c unit, I thought she was kidding. I started to laugh, but after that I looked at her face. She wasn’t kidding. I absolutely needed a new a/c unit. I knew my mouth was hanging open, but I could not help it. This was not the news I was expecting when she looked at the a/c unit. I asked him what a new a/c component would cost, & she said it all had to do with what kind of a/c component I wanted, & if I wanted something that was more efficient. We sat & talked about the odd types of a/c there was, & then she left. One of the things she said made me think. She said a window a/c component would be perfect while waiting for the new a/c component to arrive. If she thought it would labor perfectly while waiting for the central a/c unit, why wouldn’t it labor all the time. I decided to try one a/c unit, & if that worked well, after that I would buy a second one. Maybe two or three window a/c units would labor all the time.

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