Time for Some Lunch Then Back to Work

I ate my kefir and apple before my swim this morning but I am still very hungry.

Maybe it is because I did a lot of exercise yesterday and my body is craving energy.

Some days I just can’t get enough to eat and am constantly hungry. I always bring a banana and some peanut butter with me when I go to sleep. It’s the fastest way to get food into my body without having to go into the kitchen and prepare a whole meal or snack in the middle of the night. I’ve always loved peanut butter. My smart thermostat even has some peanut butter smeared on the screen from nights when I was trying to set the temperature after eating my late night snack. My mom said even when I was a little kid I would get up late at night and go into the kitchen to eat some cereal. We had an old wood burning fireplace in that house that once caught on fire due to the flue having a lot of buildup in it. We had to call the fire department to have them come out and stop the fire that was burning near the rooftop where the chimney met the house. We didn’t have central heat or air conditioning in that house so we used the fireplace a lot and in the summers we just opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fans. I’m so happy to have it in this flat though because it would be unbearable without some kind of climate control system.

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