Single mothers constantly get discounts.

I’m a bit prejudiced according to my wifey, however I believe single mothers aren’t treated right.

There are special parking spaces for pregnant girls, veterans, disabled, and those with more than one kid. Most times those last parking locations are taken by families with more than one adult in the car. They don’t care who they could be taking that special service from. I grew up with only a Dad and I have four siblings. I thought single moms didn’t get the nod they deserved. When I got my own HVAC business, I told my wifey I wanted to honor single moms. If the HVAC worker went to the condo and found out she was a single mom, my buddy and I automatically gave her a discount on her bill. I know how costly HVAC services are, and periodically it can’t be paid, or the service isn’t done. My wifey called me one afternoon and told me she had a neighbor who had three youngsters. Her wifey had passed away, and she was dealing with the youngsters on her own. She was trying to pay for everything, and toiling from condo because she could not afford daycare or after university care. She was barely making ends meet, although she needed a new a/c unit. I believe single fathers have a harder task than single moms. I helped him out by giving him free HVAC worker service, although she had to pay for the parts my buddy and I installed. I had to revise my policy to say single parents will acquire discounts whenever they have work done on their HVAC system. That means they don’t need to pay for the HVAC service hours.

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