I didn’t trust the space heater

I wasn’t overly happy when my neighbor mentioned wanting a space heater.

I remembered the horrible heating devices, my main experience with those is one malfunctioning & trying to set my girlfriend’s condo on fire.

Because of that experience, I have not trusted space heating devices. My neighbor told me that I was over worrying, & that the current section heaters of this week were different. She basically confirmed that back in the morning space heaters were a lot more dangerous, however that is in the past, & I don’t have to worry anymore. In my opinion, I still had plenty of reason to worry, but she seemed triumphant to dismiss my worries, and anyways, I thought the issue was over when I told her that I didn’t want one of those things in my house. I thought she understood, until I came condo from work the next morning only to see a brand current space boiler in my residing room! I was incredibly miserable with my friend, & I made sure that she knew that; Once again, she seemed like she didn’t love my problems, that I was just overreacting. I told her that I was going to let it stay on a trial basis, & as long as it doesn’t show any signs of malfunctioning or overheating or anything like that, it can stay permanently. But if it does, it instantaneously goes right out the door, because I am not having a fire hazard in my house. My neighbor seemed to agree with these rules.

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